1. We only accept online reservation through our reservation system and walk-ins. We do not accept any reservation by phone or email. Amendments to reservations can be made by customers through our online reservation system.
  2. Cancellation to reservation is to be made by the customer through our online reservation system. Due to our limited capacity, any cancellations or no shows in less than 12 hours before your reservation will be charged 50% of the Omakase price plus tax.
  3. As standing allocation are limited to 8, we accommodate a maximum group size of 4 for reservations and walk-ins.
  4. Guest with reservation is to arrive and check-in with host no later than 5 minutes prior to their reservation time.
  5. Due to limited standing allocation, if reservation guests have not checked-in 5 minutes prior to their reserved time, Tachi reserves the right to offer the standing spot to walk-in guests.
  6. If the full reservation party have not arrived, those present can take their standing spot, or they are welcomed to join the walk-in queue as they wait for the rest of the party to arrive.
  7. We allow only 30 minutes of dining. Clock starts at reservation time.
  8. Group with or without reservation will only be seated when all the guests that have arrived. Standing spots cannot be hold.
  9. Transfers of reservations are possible. The new guest is required to check-in and provide the original guest name, phone number and the confirmation number.